Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ringing Rocks Park

Today was a nice day. Maybe a rare one with the coming of winter. We took advantage of it and went to see a natural oddity. Ringing Rocks Park is north of us, but still in our Bucks County. At the heart of the park is a field of rocks. This field is said to be about 7 acres in size while the entire park is some 120 acres. The rocks have an unusual property. When they are struck with a hammer or another rock, they sound as if they are metal and hollow and ring with a sound similar to a metal pipe being struck. The park also has Bucks County's largest waterfall.

I only had one hammer. I used to have several, but after unpacking from our move I haven't seen any of the others. Anyway, Payton did most of the pounding, but Kathleen and I struck a few rocks ourselves. Parker just had fun climbing over the rocks. It is a cool place for a little boy. I took my camera for pictures and Kathleen took her little one to record some sound. Back to this in a minute. People won't be hauling these special rocks off easily. They are good sized with many being very large. I imagine this park will around for many generations to come.

We also walked along a nice creek with a pretty neat looking waterfall. The boys tried to stay dry, but by the creek was mud and water. They brought a good amount of this home. Fortunately neither of them went for an unexpected swim. There is a family campground nearby. We just might spend a weekend up there this summer camping.
Remember how I said Kathleen brought her camera to record some sound? Above is Kathleen's camera with no battery. I've done this sort of thing before. I once drove a ways for a photo shoot. Got there and didn't take a single picture. I had left my memory card at home. Aaargh. No matter, some guy posted a good video on YouTube and you can watch it below.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Family Christmas photo

We got one - a Christmas photo. We waited until the last possible day, but we got one. You'll have to look at it for a while as I'm using it for the blog picture. It can be trying to get the four of us together for just a blink of an eye, but we did it on the first take.

The boys had a great Christmas. They play with one thing for a minute before moving on to something else. They'll be busy for days.

We hope that all of you had a great Christmas too.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas trip to New York City

This weekend we traveled to New York City for an overnight visit. We went to see a Saturday matinee of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular featuring the world famous Rockettes. And a spectacular show it was - very well done and very entertaining.

Grandma is visiting us for Christmas so she was able to join us. Kathleen's brother and his family live nearby as were also able to join us. By suggestion we traveled a little differently than last year. Instead of driving a little ways from the house and taking an hour and a half train to the city, we drove a couple of hours to Hoboken, NJ. This is just across the Hudson river from New York. We parked there and took a 15 minute commuter train into the city. Much better and way easier than last year.

Saturday was nice, but Sunday - while sunny - was pretty cold. Saturday night we walked by a small city park call Paley Park. It really is small for a park at 4200 sq. ft. Within the park are shade trees and some table and trees to enjoy the space. At the far end is a width of the park 20 ft. tall water fall. It drowns out the city noise making the space quite tranquil. My phone wasn't going to take a decent picture at night, but I think the silhouette looks cool.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our decorated house

Instead of just decorating 'the low lying fruit', this year we decided to have someone string lights for us. I don't have a ladder tall enough nor did I really want to climb that high on one if I did. We like how it all turned out. We did a few extra things on the inside too. Each year we'll keep adding more. Good thing our new garage is under construction because we need the storage space between seasons.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Merry Christmas to all!

Santa's coming is just around the corner. We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. Now enjoy our Jib Jab Christmas videos!

Okay... I went a little overboard making these little videos. But it was so easy to do on They're a lot of fun. Enjoy!