Monday, January 31, 2011

More snow predicted for tonight! Arrggghhh!

Shoveling the drive is kickin' my arse this year. I think I have shoveled more snow here in PA than I did in 2 years in Switzerland. Go figure. This August I'm getting a snow blower. Why August? I don't know exactly, but I remember reading (in Consumer Reports I think) that this is the month to purchase this item. If you know differently let me know.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Parker can make some noise

Parker loves pounding on these pegs. What kid doesn't? The noise can get annoying really fast. Payton loved doing this too. All the little dents in the coffee table are courtesy of Master Payton. Parker is just leaving his mark too. He has some real tongue action goin' on!

Kathleen went on a business trip to China

Recently Kathleen traveled to China on business. I can't discuss that part of the trip in this post - like I know anything at all. As part of the trip, her group was taken to the China's Terracotta Army. She says it was quite fascinating. See took a few pictures and it sure looks like a great thing to have seen.
You can read more about China's Terracotta Army by clicking here. She brought home a nice statue from the place. It will look nice in our home. Another thing she brought home were traditional Chinese outfits for the boys. Several years ago she brought one home for Payton. He loved it and wore it often, but out grew it. These new ones are much nicer and even came with a little beanie type hat. We only have a picture of Payton in his. Parker's is blue. I'll have to get a nice shot of them dressed up together.While Parker didn't want to dress up for a picture, he was certainly willing to be in a picture.

Friday, January 14, 2011

When Parker is hungry

When Parker is hungry he starts looking for food. If he finds something he likes he just starts eating. This red pepper suited his fancy one particular day. Other days he has been known to suck the the cheese out of the individually wrapped cheese slices - since he cannot yet open them.

Snowing snowing snow

We have had a few snow storms come through lately. Nothing really big, but certainly big enough to require the driveway to be shoveled. I am tired of shoveling already. The last storm netted me a kindness from a neighbor. He brought his snow thrower over for me to use. I gotta have a snow thrower now. Next year...

The boys like playing and making angels in the snow. They don't stay out to long though. There is a sledding hill not far from the house. We haven't gone there yet. I think we'll wait for the next snowfall. I hope this thinking doesn't jinx us with no more snow. Wishful thinking.

Below are a few pictures from Christmas. We didn't take many. The boys sure had a good time. Parker still hasn't quite caught on to opening gifts. Good thing he has an older brother who is a pro. Next year will his year - his rookie season so to speak.