Friday, January 14, 2011

Snowing snowing snow

We have had a few snow storms come through lately. Nothing really big, but certainly big enough to require the driveway to be shoveled. I am tired of shoveling already. The last storm netted me a kindness from a neighbor. He brought his snow thrower over for me to use. I gotta have a snow thrower now. Next year...

The boys like playing and making angels in the snow. They don't stay out to long though. There is a sledding hill not far from the house. We haven't gone there yet. I think we'll wait for the next snowfall. I hope this thinking doesn't jinx us with no more snow. Wishful thinking.

Below are a few pictures from Christmas. We didn't take many. The boys sure had a good time. Parker still hasn't quite caught on to opening gifts. Good thing he has an older brother who is a pro. Next year will his year - his rookie season so to speak.

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