Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kathleen went on a business trip to China

Recently Kathleen traveled to China on business. I can't discuss that part of the trip in this post - like I know anything at all. As part of the trip, her group was taken to the China's Terracotta Army. She says it was quite fascinating. See took a few pictures and it sure looks like a great thing to have seen.
You can read more about China's Terracotta Army by clicking here. She brought home a nice statue from the place. It will look nice in our home. Another thing she brought home were traditional Chinese outfits for the boys. Several years ago she brought one home for Payton. He loved it and wore it often, but out grew it. These new ones are much nicer and even came with a little beanie type hat. We only have a picture of Payton in his. Parker's is blue. I'll have to get a nice shot of them dressed up together.While Parker didn't want to dress up for a picture, he was certainly willing to be in a picture.

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