Sunday, November 24, 2013

My new cruiser

This past Friday I finished building my new bike. It's a stretch cruiser built with a Basman frame. Payton has dubbed it Ghost Rider.

Anyhow, I loaded it into the truck (it's too big for my bike rack) and took it to Hilton head. Today was my first real ride. I cruised 10 miles. It was a nice ride. The bike is comfortable and with 14 speeds is easy to ride.

Right at sunset I stopped and snapped a few pictures. We're in Hilton head all week, and no I won't try the veal, so I'll be putting some miles under my butt.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Payton's first award

Payton earned his first award in scouts this evening. Tonight he was presented with the Bobcat patch. He showed no humility.

Cub Scouts Cake Auction

Tonight Payton's Scout Pack is having its annual cake auction. Each scout and their dad baked and prepared their own cake. Moms were not allowed to help, not even with clean up. (Rats!) Payton named his cake Dragon Lake.

Kathleen has been perusing all the cakes. The boys want her to bid on the Minecraft cake. I prefer the pizza cookie or hamburger cake. Who knows what we'll end up with? 

Update: Payton's cake sold for $35. Well above average.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Good morning

A couple of days ago Parker was singing a song. It just tickled me hearing him sing. At bed time I asked him to sing the song again and I recorded it. I use for my alarm ringtone. It's great. Have a listen.