Friday, June 5, 2009

Relaxing Swiss Weekend

This weekend we behaved like Swiss. We relaxed, enjoyed the outdoors, and visited friends. Let's be honest, that is about all you can do in Switzerland on a Holiday weekend. A holiday here is a holiday for EVERYONE, which means no stores are open! We took advantage of the nice weather and enjoyed bike riding and walking around town, stopping at some play grounds to let the kids play.

Payton - get that crowd cheering!!
Parker was sporting a new hat to protect him from the sun. He wasn't too fond of it, but he eventually succumbed to the strap under his chin.
On Saturday we took our bikes to the Lake Biel area for a nice ride. We ventured out onto a small island preserve that is only open to bikes and pedestrians. We ended up hitching Payton up to Stanton's bike so we didn't have to worry about him crashing into anyone! He can ride, but his attention span is short. He gets to looking down and around at anything and everything and doesn't watch where he is going.

After the long ride we stopped at a park by the lake and opened up our picnic basket. The Taylor men demonstrated one of their stongest skills.......V.E.E.M.s - Very Efficient Eating Machines.

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  1. I love all the pics! It is so beautiful over there. It looks like you guys are enjoying it all! Hope to see you soon, we miss you!
    christine, nathan, michael


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