Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pics from the weekend

We woke up Sunday morning, but Parker didn't stay awake for very long.
Later in the day we drove down to Grandson and met the Marciondo's at Le Château de Grandson (or to you and me, that town's castle). They were having their La Fête Médiévale (Midevil Festival). We are usually up for doing something on the weekends and walking through a castle is always a good idea. And this castle was only a half hour away too.
Anybody who wanted to dress in period costume could borrow one for free. The kids liked it and it was neat to see 'em dressed the part.
It was a good day. We stopped at a local restaurant to get have a cool drink before heading home. No food though, it was afterall 2PM. I can't get used to serving hours over here.

I helped Parker walk into the house. He isn't a full-time walker just yet, but he is on the verge of being so. Parker is getting big, but he looks so tiny next to me.

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