Sunday, October 31, 2010

Octobooo! 31st

Today was a good day. First was Payton's football game. Today the Eagles played the Chiefs. My allegiance to all things Chiefs had to be put on hold while I rooted for the Eagles this day. Unfortunately both teams were winless and one was likely to stay that way. The game started out trading touchdowns, but soon the Eagle's running game took over and won the game 38-23. Payton even ran for a touchdown - an '80 yarder'! He was running his little heart out. The defense was chasing him. It was a hoot!Well like I said it was a big day. Today was Halloween of course! Kathleen got the boys dressed. Parker fought being in his costume, but after having in on for a bit he was fine. Payton was dressed as the coolest little zombie. Parker, since he already had all the accessories, was dressed as Buzz Lightyear.
I love this picture of Payton in costume!
The boys got quite a bit of loot. Plenty of candy to last awhile. We saved our best candy for last so we have a few peanut butter cups left over. Mmm Mmm good. We hope all of you had a great Halloween.

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