Friday, May 20, 2011

Pictures of days past

We haven't taken a lot of pictures lately, but we have taken some. I sure haven't been posting what we have. Here are a few of them.

Parker was sleepy one day. He grabbed his blankets and headed upstairs, but he didn't get very far.
This is Easter morning. The boys are dressed for church. After church they had an Easter Egg Hunt in the basement. Later in the day Jack and Jill and theirs kids (the cousins) came over for Easter dinner.Grandma and Grandpa were up from the island to share Easter with us.

Payton has been playing T-Ball. He likes playing and has improved much since his first practice. Parker sure would like to play. He doesn't like sitting on the side lines. We have to entertain him. He will follow along in his brother's footsteps in just a couple of years.

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