Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Can sleep anywhere

By the time I finished pulling two more tree trunks from the yard this morning, it was getting hot. I sat on a stool in the driveway and sprayed myself down with the hose. Afterwards I let Parker have his fun with the hose. I sat there cooling down and had Parker spray my legs and feet every once in a while. The cold water felt nice. Parker got a little out of hand with the hose so I told him to put it down and sit next to me. I was browsing the internet and checking mail on my phone and noticed Parker lay back and soon he was asleep. The driveway by now was getting pretty darn hot to my feet. I really don't see how he fell asleep, but he did. He woke up shortly after this picture. If he hadn't I would have woken him. Sometimes you can sleep anywhere.

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