Monday, August 22, 2011


Vacation! A week at the beach and with Grandma. The weather was pretty good. A little rain here and there cooled things off, but otherwise it was warm and a little steamy. The water was really warm and by the afternoon jelly fish could be seen. None of us got stung, but others did.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened and we just did the usual things. Well there was one thing that happened and it really took us for surprise. Parker swam. One day in Grandma's pool he just started swimming. We haven't had him in lessons, nor have we been working with him ourselves. We think he has just been watching his big brother. He learns so much from him.

Some mornings we would ride to Starbucks and enjoy a pastry, coffee or chocolate milk. One day we stopped at a park and Payton made friends with an alligator.

Swimming can be very tiring - at least for the boys. I can nap just about any time.

Payton Payton Payton. Getting him to smile is sometimes impossible.

Check out this video. I told you Parker can swim!

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