Monday, February 6, 2012

No more dead battery (fingers crossed)

Few things are more frustrating than turning the key to your car and nothin'. Maybe you hear just click click click click. Either way you aren't going anywhere. It's happened to me with the van several times. Until the last time the van has always been sitting in the garage. Here I have a plug in charger/starter. But the last time me and boys were out at night... and it was a bit chilly... and Kathleen was out of town. Fortunately I was able to get a jump and the van quickly started.

I've had the van checked out and I'm told the charging system and battery are okay. I think the boys have left on dome lights and the battery has slowly drained. This last time I was sitting for an hour with the radio and DVD playing. Parker and I were waiting in the church parking lot while Payton was in church prep class.

I purchased and installed a gizmo to stop draining my battery. It is called PriorityStart. It monitors the voltage in your battery. If it drops to around 11 volts or so it disconnects the battery. The idea is to leave enough charge in the battery so that it will still start the car. I tested it by leaving my lights on. In about 5 mintues the PriorityStart kicked in - lights out. Hopefully I will never have this problem again.

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