Sunday, July 29, 2012

New York: the Intrepid and the Top Of The Rock

Cousin Meghan has been staying with us for three weeks this summer. Before she heads home Monday we took her and ourselves to New York. This time around we went first to the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum and then to Rockefeller Center and the Top of the Rock.

The USS Intrepid is a retired aircraft carrier. It served in WWII, the space program and in Vietnam. Today it is a museum. As big as it is, fully staffed and equipped it would be a pretty cramped place to be. We saw the space shuttle Enterprise, a SR-71 Blackbird and the transatlantic Concorde commercial airliner. The Concorde wasn't very large. It criss-crossed the Atlantic faster than the speed of sound and it had to. Who would want to sit in that small plane for very long? They had many planes and helicopters on display.

It was cool walking around in the ship. Quarters were tight; from the bridge to the sleeping berths. The biggest space we saw other than the hanger deck was the anchor chain room.

The stairs between decks were very steep. They were more like ladders. Parker looks like he is climbing the stairs. He is actually going down the stairs backwards. That was the easiest way to do so.

The boys make a pretty good gun crew!

Doesn't Meghan look nice with her new handbag? It is quite striking.

After the museum we started walking to the Rockefeller Center. On the way there we passed through Times Square. We joined a crowd starring up at ourselves on a giant billboard. Can you see us?

The Top of the Rock(effeller Center) was an iffy deal for us. It was overcast all day and by now it had started to rain. Fortunate for us it had stopped and the skies cleared just for us. Our trip to the top was okay. The conditions weren't perfect, but the were good enough.

WOW! Look who I caught on film. Sasquatch has got nothing on the big guy!

All in all it was a good trip to New York. We have yet to see many things; such as Central Park. Will be making future trips to explore the city some more.

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