Sunday, July 21, 2013

Weekend camping trip

This weekend we went on our first family camping trip. We had gathered equipment over time and were ready to put ourselves to the test....on a really hot weekend. Man, I love air conditioning.

We went to Blue Rocks Family Campground.The place isn't too far from home, but far enough to make it a trip. We hiked on the Appalachian Trail, did a little swimming, and spent the weekend pretty much device free. It was hot. We think our next trip will be when evening temperatures are lower for more comfortable sleeping.
Woohoo! We're camping and having fun.

Camp is set up and everyone is relaxing.

The old man is just trying to cool down.

Kathleen fed us really well the whole weekend. This morning we had hash browns, sausage and eggs. This is camping.

Number 1 hardly ate much all weekend. I finished off that sausage patty.

A couple of cuties.

The boys are hanging out waiting to leave on our Saturday hike.

Oh wait....pit stop.

We headed north to the Pinnacle overlook and then down the Appalachian Trail to Pulpit Rock. I myself had never been on the AT before.

The first leg was up hill. At the top of the hill was more hill to go up.

Water break. We took plenty of them.

Parker checked out some wild life along the way.

The Pinnacle. A hot hazy day for us, but the view was still great.

A cairn at the Pinnacle. I don't know what it is all about. It's a big pile of big rocks. Those aren't just stones tossed to the top. Somebody did some heavy hauling for each rock.

On our way to Pulpit Rock. The trails were pretty rocky. Several times we traversed boulder fields of varying size.

Pulpit Rock. I thought this was the better overlook between the two.

From Pulpit Rock it was downhill. Downhill is sometimes harder than uphill. Payton and Meghan take a break waiting for the rest of us to catch up.

Kathleen is looking fine at the Blue Rocks glacier boulder field. We had made it back to camp.

Whew! Let's go swimming and cool down.

Our hike finished at the pool. Kathleen had packed the boy's suits. Parker cooled off and had had enough.

Saturday night at camp. Everybody was rested and settling down around the campfire.

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