Monday, December 9, 2013

Google's Auto-Awesome is pretty awesome

Google. Google. Google. I'm becoming Googlized. They have some pretty cool software and for the most part they let you use it for free. They get you hooked. Once you're hooked they feed you advertisements and from that they make money; schmidt loads of it.

Google will store your photos online, in the cloud. You get a fairly generous amount of storage and of course you can always buy more. Google has this thing called Auto Awesome. I'm not a de facto expert on it, but it looks at your uploaded photos and tries to do some awesome things to them. It doesn't alter your original photo, it makes an edited copy of it. It only awesomizes certain photos. The results vary from blah to awesome.

Above is a successful auto awesome picture. It's a snowy scene. Auto Awesome added falling snow. Perfecto! In a previous post of our Christmas tree, auto awesome made the lights twinkle. Double awesome!

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