Friday, April 18, 2008

I got a care package from the USA!

Kathleen returned home today from 2+ weeks in the US. She was glad to be home and Payton and I are glad she's back. She brought back many goodies from the US; toys and clothes for Payton and food for me.

The best bit was a large Dewey's pepperoni pizza! I am heating some up for me and Payton now. Man, the pizza here in Switzerland is terrible. The best pizza I've had has comes from the COOP grocery store and you bake it yourself. They don't have pepperoni over here. The closest thing they have is chorrizo. No, not the Mexican sausage. This is a spicy salami type product, very close to pepperoni. It isn't the same though. Kathleen brought me four bags of Hormel pepperoni to top off store bought pizzas. I'm in heaven.

She also brought back some Mrs. Butter-Worth's syrup. A whole gallon (128 oz.) costing less than six bucks at Costco. I can get syrup here - about 8 oz. for $7.50! Payton and I need syrup on our waffles.

We're done eating our pizza. It was very, very good. Better fresh from the oven, but still very good.

Time to go play with our new camera Kathleen brought back. It is a fine DSLR. More camera than I know how to use. If I am up to it, the camera will take some very nice pictures.