Friday, May 2, 2008

Our day trip to Genève

We took advantage of a beautiful day on Friday to take the train down to Geneva. I have been craving a cup of coffee from Starbucks as well as the old familiarity of an American Chain that is such a big part of living in America and not at all present in our small town of Neuchatel. We took full advantage of public transportation, as well as old fashioned walking, to get around. We walked the mile down the hill to our local train stop and made our way to Geneva. As you can see below Stanton mapped out our day for us in Geneva.

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As we arrived in Geneva we picked up some fresh bread at a local stand to sate our appetites a bit. Payton had fallen asleep on the train so we took the opportunity to visit a local book store we found with a large English speaking section. Payton slept for well over an hour in his stroller which allowed us to browse for quite a long time and find a few books we decided to pick up.

Once Payt woke up we made our way for Starbucks to get my coffee fix and a chocolate milk for Payton. We passed several local coffee shops on the way that offered nice small European cups of coffee, but I wanted my mega huge venti Decaf-Latte! We all enjoyed our drinks and the familiar surroundings, even Payton who spent his first 3 years getting chocolate milk at the Starbucks in our local Barnes & Noble. He was a bit disappointed though that there weren't any trains to play with.

We then strolled around town visiting a few parks, a merry-go-round, and then a local playground. A good mix of adult sightseeing and child friendly entertainment. We made our way back down to lake Geneva to walk out to see a huge water spout on lake, the "Jet d'Eau". It's been there since 1891 apparently, although I can't believe it was shooting water as high as it does now way back then.

With a full day of walking around town we were ready for a good dinner. We went to the local Spaghetti Factory and had our fill. Payton gobbled down a full serving of Spaghetti bolognese. So we aren't very adventurous with our eating choices, but it was a good meal. We then grabbed some ice cream at a local stand and I got a coffee to go for the train ride home. The walk up to our house is quite a hike and we were both surprised that Payton made it the whole way without asking to be carried or complaining that his feet hurt! He's becoming a better traveler every day!

Damage for the day -
Train ride: $80 (this is half price!)
Bread: $6
Starbucks : $24
Dinner: $100
Ice cream: $10
Merry-go-round: $3
2 Books: $62!!
Total: $285, but worth it.

The 2 cups of Starbucks will have to last me for awhile!

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