Saturday, November 15, 2008

Toboggan Geant - La luge d'ete a la Vue-des-Alpes

Today we did a very fun thing. We went tobogganing. It was a ride much like a water slide. It's just a half metal tube and a sled you ride upon. It's 700 meters of fast fun and duh, no water.

The Marciondo kids joined us. All four kids had a blast and I have to say, all the adults did too! This is definitely something to do again.Wanna go for a ride? Watch the following video. I didn't edit it down and the first two-thirds is being pulled up the hill, but I like this part because I like hearing Payton talk. The ride itself goes by quickly. Listen at the end when Payton says ouch.

Here was the view looking back down to the lake. We were up above the fog and the Alps looked very nice.

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