Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sledding in the Backcountry

Today we met the Marciondo's in the backcountry to do some sledding. We found a great hill. Plenty steep and plenty long. It is a great hill to sled down. It is likely one of the last good days to go sledding. The weather is warming and the snow is melting. Yes the snow will hang around in the mountains where we were, but it will be a wet snow. Wet snow is slow. Dry, cold snow is best for sledding.

Update: This is a new video of the same footage. The other video was an 'instant movie' created by my software. It was nice, but I like this one I did myself a little better.

Want to see the older version? Click on this link to jump over to YouTube. Tip: right-click on the link and choose open in a new tab. Doing this will leave this window open in its own tab. Just close the new 'YouTube' tab when you're done and you are right back here.

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