Thursday, March 19, 2009

Unobtainable sodas... almost

One of the items on my "Things I miss from America" list is Diet Dr. Pepper. It was a mainstay beverage of mine in the US. Part of my morning routine at work was to purchase a Starbucks coffee along with a Diet Dr. Pepper. Oh how I enjoyed the slightly bitter coffee chased by the sweet taste of the Dr. Pepper.

I had resolved myself to having to forgo this pleasure while in Switzerland, but now thanks to my husband I have a cherished can sitting in my refrigerator! He found it in a candy store! Why just one can? Well at 4.50 CHF (~4 USD) it is a bit pricey. That explains why I haven't had the heart to drink it yet. I am thinking I will save it for Sunday morning. Maybe getting up before everyone else, brewing myself the strongest cup of coffee I can (using my European coffee press) and enjoying my alternating pleasure of coffee and sweetness while working through a crossword puzzle I print out from USA Today on the computer.

Then I can ponder what I miss about the US while enjoying one of the things I love most about Switzerland - absolutely nothing to do on Sundays but relax............

P.S. the diet root beer is mine.

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