Sunday, April 19, 2009

Payton rides his new bicycle

Last Thursday we bought Payton a new bicycle - a pedal bicycle. Today we went down to the lake and its open space to really let him fly. We took the training wheels off to see what he could do. Payton has had a Like-a-Bike for a couple of years. He learned balance on this and it carried over to his pedal bike. He was able to ride his new bike without much problem. He has some new skills to master with this bike, but all in all he can ride the thing himself without training wheels. We're so proud of him.

The Slow-Up ride around Lac de Murten is coming up next weekend. We did this last year to a limited extent. If you want to read last year's post click here. Payton won't be able to ride this himself. There is just way to much going on for his skills as well as the distance being to long. He'll still be able to ride his bike because we also got a 'Followme-Tandem' contraption for my bike. This is attached to my bike and allows me to tow Payton and his bike. He can ride all day now. Kathleen will pull the Croozer bike buggy holding Parker and all our stuff. We hope to make it all around the lake this year.

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  1. Adventure after Adventure! Great to see the kids getting big so fast. Daredevil and Diva say Hi to Payton and Parker. Diva's 9th B-Day is today. Kath, take a look at the wife's blog and see good softball genes at work. Stanton, just had a great Double Quarter Pounder w/Cheese Combo this weekend. Sooooooooooo Gooooooooooood! Miss you all. Hunter.


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