Saturday, April 25, 2009

This year's garden in Switzerland

Kathleen ordered a small greenhouse so that she can start seeds early in the season. Sure you can buy seedlings, but not for all that you want. She bought seeds for the things she wants to try and grow. I did my part by putting the thing together (grunt grunt). Payton was a good little helper planting the little seeds.While Kathleen and Payton were planting seeds, Parker was playing the part of destroyer. He kept crawling over to a flower pot for a handful.
Our planter part of the garden has been enlarged slightly this year. We added two more Gardner's Supply Tomato Success Kits, but you can grow nearly anything in them.

We'll just have to water and wait patiently to see what grows. It will be months before we see any bounty. Until then we'll continue with our usual gardening... going to the grocery store.

P.S.: Based upon what I have seen here in Switzerland over the past year, the USA is the best place in the world for fresh fruits and vegetables. Anything is available anytime, but not here. There are seasons here. You can't have fresh strawberries in the middle of winter here. Good god, canteloupe? I have seen it priced here from $5 to $12.50 for something a little larger than a softball. I long to get back to the USA and lead a normal life. But I can wait a little while longer.

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