Friday, September 18, 2009

We're getting ready for Payton's Big 5

Kathleen came home from the USA today. She was really happy to see her boys and they were happy to see her. She had a long trip but didn't have time to rest. It's Payton's 5th birthday tomorrow and she needed to bake his cake.

While back in the States Kathleen got a new camera. It is pretty much the same camera she had, but this one is blue. It also takes and makes panorama pictures with one touch of the shutter button. It is a cool feature. It also takes HD video. Here's a pano picture she took of our Cincinnati house.
Me and the little boys didn't do much while Kathleen was gone. I have a couple of new pictures of Parker, but not of Payton. Tomorrow I will get loads of them.
Parker has taken a real liking to marchmallows. Give him one and he chows down.
Kathleen brought back a Halloween suit for Parker - a monkey suit. She had wanted Payton to wear this, but Payton saw a Dash costume (from The Incredibles) and wanted it instead. Parker's to young to pick his own so...
As I said Payton's 5th is tomorrow. He is really excited about turning 5. He has to wait towards the end of the day for his party, but Mom and Dad know his wait will be worth it.

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