Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Payton rode a pony today

Payton participated in a school parent's club event - brush, bridle, saddle and ride a pony. The whole thing was supposed to be about 30 minutes, but they kept the kids out on the trail riding 35-40 minutes. All the kids had a great time while the parents just sat around the barn waiting for them to return.

The kids started out getting fitted for riding helmets. From there they went straight into the stalls where all the ponies were tied up waiting. Each kid picked a pony and was given a brush. They spent a few minutes brushing and then a ranch hand saddled them up. The kids helped walk their pony out into the barn. It was a big indoor riding area. The kids were helped up onto their ride and off the went. They walked out of the barn and into the countryside for a nice pony ride.

The farm wasn't too far from Kathleen's work so she was able to come out to see Payton ride. While Payton was riding Parker and the other littler kids checked out the farm equipment.

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