Thursday, October 1, 2009

Typical afternoon picking up Payton from school

Everyday Parker and I go pick up Payton from school. We get there early; mostly so I get an easy parking spot. Right next to the school is a park where all the school kids go to wait for their parents. This park is empty when Park and I get there. Since Parker is walking he likes exploring the playground.
Parker likes swinging on the swing. There isn't a baby swing so I sit him on the swing and push him back and forth all the while holding on to him. It's swinging to him - he's all smiles.
Parker likes when his big brother takes him up into the big playset. There is a tunnel to crawl through and best of all a big long slide at the end. He really likes Payton taking him down the slide.Ten to fifteen minutes after we get to the park, Payton and his classmates come running out of school. Most days I have chocolate milk waiting for Payton. He likes this and to have a snack of some sort. All the kids are hungry. If they see one kid with food they try to become their best friend to get some.
Parker tries his best to follow his brother around. Payton mostly plays with his friends, but he doesn't totally ignore his little brother. This doesn't matter to Park. He watches Payton's every move.
Ah, just a typical day picking Payton up from school.

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