Monday, October 12, 2009

The boys had lunch with Kathleen today

Since Payton is still on school break this week, us boys went to have lunch with Kathleen today. We ate at a small family Italian restaurant in Le Locle that I actually like. It has a diner-like atmosphere and the food is pretty good.

Parker finally got a free hand at using a laptop. His brother doesn't let him touch his. Parker is always watching him waiting for an opening. What Payton knows at 5, Parker will know at 3.

Fortunately on the way home I was able to slip by a heavy Swiss security check point. They must have went on a cheese and wine break or something. They're serious about their check point facilities here. These block houses could stop a tank. Actually these are WWII defensive positions. I come across them occasionally while driving in the mountains. They're positioned to defend the road while ground troops would defend assaults up the mountain side. An attacking tank would have to come up the road.

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