Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Olympic Museum in Lausanne

Today was nice, but a little cold, so Kathleen took the day off and we went to Lausanne to visit the Olympic Museum. It was okay, but not much in the way for little kids. They didn't allow cameras inside. There wasn't much to take pictures of anyway, but still this was a bummer.

The best exhibits IMO were the Olympic torches and medals dating back to the 1936 games in Berlin. You could view each torch and each medal up close. My favorite torch was from the 2000 Sydney summer games. The gold, silver and bronze medals for both the summer and winter games were on display. I liked the 1998 Nagano winter games medals the best. I would have liked to have a picture or two of these.

There were some works of art on the museum grounds. I thought he racing bicycles was cool. There was also a high jump bar setup showing the record height. Dang it was high! Well over my head. And there was a Vancouver 2010 torch you could hold as well.

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