Sunday, May 23, 2010

One last hike in Switzerland

We have been in Switzerland nearly 2½ years and have yet to go see Creux du Van. Kathleen could see it each day driving to and from work. We could see it from various place around town. Cruex du Van is a natural rocky amphitheater-shaped cliff approximately 4,600 feet in width and 500 feet in depth. It's a well known natural attraction of the area.
Instead of hiking up to the area from the river below, we drove up this 1,000 feet in elevation. We parked at a place called Ferme Robert. Referencing the map we hiked up into the cirque on the magenta trail, then up the blue trail to and along the rim, and down the red trail back to the car. In all it us about 4 hours.

Up top along the rim we found snow. I don't understand how it is still there, but it is. There were some guys flying model glider planes. These things were pretty cool. No engines needed, just the up draft alongside the cliff. Since this is a holiday weekend here there were really a lot of people doing exactly what we were doing. We were surprised.

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