Saturday, May 15, 2010

One last toboggan run

This morning we drove up to Vue de Alps to ride the toboggan run one last time. We were joined by Payton's school mate and his Dad. It's a holiday weekend, but business for the attraction was way off due to the cold drizzly weather. It was about 37° and getting foggier and wetter as the minutes ticked by. Even so it was still fun to ride!The air was thick with moisture. My eyebrows actually collected beads of water in them. I guess I need to trim 'em! The track felt like it was getting slick. The last couple of runs I braked going into the last two turns. The sled just felt like it wanted to slide up out of the track.
Kathleen and I both gave Parker a ride down the track. The guy that runs the place has always been nice to us. He let Kathleen and Parker go down for free.
Payton will surely miss his best school mate Hirad. I have explained to Payton what a pen pal is. Maybe they can stay in touch. Maybe one day they will meet again.

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