Sunday, September 26, 2010

Good deed Sunday

Payton and Kathleen did a good deed today by picking up trash in the park. We have a nice park right in our own back yard. The park has always been there, but only until recently it was just wooded land. Symmes Township blazed a nice walking trail through it recently. It measures about 2/3 mile and is much like walking through the forest in Switzerland - without the elevation changes.
Check out the two trees bent and crossing one another is the picture above. Back in the mid 90's a tornado came through our neighborhood and bent these trees over. It did the same to many others. Why they didn't break is unknown - some did. You would think they would have straightened back up, but they stayed this way. The branches on the left tree grow vertically like bunch of trees growing out of the ground.

About half way through the trail it was time for a drink, some rest and a snack. The trail has a nice restroom building with drinking fountains. Parker isn't quite tall enough to give himself a drink and needs a little help. The park has even provided drinking facilities for dogs.

Symme's Township Historical Society is reconstructing an 1830's log house within the park. We've been watching the progress. It has been slow and steady. The floor is in and the first floor walls are up. There is still plenty to do. It's a two-story house, so the second floor is still to come. You can see from the pictures what they started with and where they are. Pretty cool eh?

The weather has been much cooler here the past few days. It makes walking our trail so nice. There is still plenty of green on the trees, but leaves are drying out and falling to the ground. It allows more sun light to filter through. To bad that we may be leaving soon.

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