Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vacation in Hilton Head

Last week we went drove down to Hilton Head for some R&R and to visit Grandma and Grandpa. The week started out with sweltering hot weather, but by week's end it cooled off due to the hurricanes developing far to the southeast. Kathleen's sister Ashley and her boys joined us for the first few days. Payton and Parker had a good time playing with the 3 year old twins. Kathleen and the boys spent a lot of time at the beach. Me, not so much. I can work in the sun, but to just sit in it isn't my cup of tea.Above is a favorite picture place of ours. We like getting pictures of the boys on the boardwalk to the beach.
I did not stray far from the air conditioning. While Kathleen and the boys were at the beach, I was mostly in the air conditioning or sitting out on the deck reading with something cold to drink.

One morning we rode our bikes the mile or so to Starbucks. By the time we got there Parker had crashed. We had drinks and treats and did some newspaper reading. Just before we left Parker woke up.
I did go to the beach some. Payton likes getting buried and Parker got a kick out of it too.
For something different, we chartered a catamaran. The day wasn't real windy, but there was enough to sale around Calibogue Sound. Captain Josh was skinny as hell, but he did a fine job piloting the boat. Our trip lasted about 90 minutes. It would have been more fun on a windy day so that we could experience the speed of the boat.
The next to last day I was at the beach for quite a while. I sort of built a castle for the boys; four buckets of packed sand. Parker liked the moat I dug out around the thing. High tide took its toll on it. We stayed around to watch its destruction. Parker really liked the waves. The water was getting kind of rough, but Parker would just stick his chest out and laugh at the waves.
It's always nice to see the grandparents and spend time at the beach.

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