Sunday, February 27, 2011

Burn baby burn

It was such a nice today that Kathleen did a little yard work. She did a good cleaning of the mulch beds and cut down most of the grass plants. I cut down some branches. I knew we'd end up with quite a brush pile. What to do with it? I decided to burn it. Burning isn't illegal in our parts, though you can only burn natural vegetation. Kathleen wasn't to keen on this idea, but she 'warmed' up to it. I started a fire in my wheelbarrow and just kept feeding it. Five or six trash cans of yard waste was reduced to a wheelbarrow of ashes. I left the wheelbarrow out in the middle of the backyard to smolder. It will probably rain tonight putting the embers out for good. The ashes will go into Tuesday's trash. It was much easier than trying to dispose of it and it was fun.

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