Friday, February 25, 2011

Crazy Hair Day!

Payton's class did really well - such as behavior, drawing, working, playing, etc. - and earned 20 bears. For this they get to do something special on Friday. So today is Crazy Hair Day!

Mom is out of town. I wasn't going to go rummaging through her hair products drawer to do something crazy and worse non-reversible. I thought about hair paint, but didn't want the mess. Besides it is raining this morning. Can you imagine Payton going to school with water soluble hair paint on and it is raining? Instead of crazy hair day, it would be ruined clothes day. I passed.

We went to Party City last night and bought a wig. Middle of the road solution and Payton can wear his hair 'till it falls out. I had an after thought when leaving the store; he would have been very funny with a bald head cap on too!

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