Friday, July 1, 2011

First day at our new swim club

Today was our first day at our new swim club. We had joined a different club earlier in the year but we were not happy with it. We are very happy with Village 2 Swim & Tennis Club. The place has six pools. Different activities are done in each.

At our old club Payton needed to pass a swim test before being allowed in deep water. The same is true for our new club. The test is swimming approximately 50 meters and treading water for 2 minutes. He hadn't come very close to these requirements in swim lessons yet. I made a deal with him; do the distance and time at swim lessons or actually pass the test and he gets a new toy of his choice. I told Kathleen I think I made a pretty safe deal for this year. Boy was I wrong. Payton tried the test for the first time and passed with no problem. I don't think the toy was his greatest motivation though. He wanted to dive off the diving boards. Now by wearing his special ankle bracelet he can swim in any pool - except the dedicated lap pool.

Oh, and here is a nice picture of Parker from earlier in the day on a playground slide.

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