Saturday, July 16, 2011

We visited Cincinnati

The week after July 4th we traveled back to Cincinnati to visit our friends there. The drive was easy enough. We crossed the whole of two states; Pennsylvania and Ohio. Ohio's highways were much better than Pennsylvania's. Ten hours there, ten hours back.

Our first full day there was spent down at Newport on the Levee. This is in Kentucky just across the river from downtown Cincy. We visited the aquarium and saw the movie CARS 2. On Friday we went to the zoo. Payton stills loves seeing the animals. It was Parker's first visit to a zoo as well. We didn't take many pictures, but I did capture this parting shot as we left.
We enjoyed visiting with our former neighbors. We miss them a lot and visited with them as much as we could. Kathleen took a picture of Payton with Kaylee. I think Kaylee is 10 or 11 now. Below is a picture of the two of them from 5 years ago. Payton was just 1½ years old. They're older now, but really neither of them has changed at all.
Here's a picture becoming very common. Payton doesn't have a hand held gaming system, but he sure enjoys playing Angry Birds: RIO on my phone.

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