Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Our new garage

On December 5th ground was broke marking the beginning of construction for our 2-car garage. Since then work progressed steadily until it was stopped January 13th. The garage structure is complete except for the exterior finish. That will have to wait until warmer temperatures in the spring. The electrical contractor will soon begin running power from the house to the garage.

The garage has 2 bays and is 24'x30'. It has stairs leading up to an attic. Now I have a place for all my tools and lawn machinery. The new attic provides loads of additional storage for the things we have now and seem to be collecting.
I was happy to see the project started!
One week later the foundation and floor were finished.
It didn't take long for the walls to go up.
The roof took shape quickly after the walls.
The exterior finish will match the house - eventually.
The dormers add lots of space upstairs.The (almost) finished garage.
The attic is big and I've already started filling it.
Ahh, a nice shop area.

There will be no running water in the garage. There was really no great need for this. Maybe some year in the future we'll add plumbing. The building would make a nice studio apartment.

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