Thursday, October 23, 2008

Some may have noticed that I went a while earlier this month without posting. My father passed away October 2nd. I was traveling to KC hoping to see him, but he passed while I was in route. Kathleen and the boys followed me to KC a few days later. Little Parker couldn't travel until he had a passport. Fortunately it arrived in the mail in time for them to attend my father's funeral and commitment. Sadly my father wasn't able to see his newest grandson Parker, but at least he knew of him and saw some pictures.

My mother preceded my father in death 3 years earlier. Both were committed together at the Veteran's Cemetery in Higginsville, MO. It is a nice place for them. It lies roughly half way between where they each grew up - my mother from Garden City, MO and my father from New Franklin, MO - and not far from where they spent most of their lives - Kansas City/Liberty, MO.

My brother Howard is the only son of three (myself the youngest and Fred the eldest) to have served in the military - US Army. It was fitting for him to receive my father's flag.

Rest in peace mother and father. You will be missed more than you could know.

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