Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kathleen's new car - Renault Grand Espace

I had previously mentioned that Kathleen's new car finally arrived. We are thoroughly enjoying it too. The Espace is the Honda Odyssey of Europe. Is it as good as the Honda? It probably isn't, but saying this is like comparing apples to oranges. It's big, holds the four us (and up to max of seven) with limo style rear seating and we think it looks rather striking. Ours is actually dark gray in color with a charcoal leather interior.
The panoramic sliding sunroof is the biggest and best we've ever seen. The car feels (and pretty much is) very spacious. Inside and out it has a futuristic look to it. We're really liking diesel power and economy. The key is like a thick credit card. You never have to take it out of your pocket. Walk up to the car and grab the door handle - it unlocks. Start and stop the engine with a push of a button. Walk away from the car - it locks. Why don't all cars have this? So cool. So convenient.

Curious and want to see more? Click here to check out an Espace video and images.

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