Wednesday, October 29, 2008


It's not quite Halloween, but almost. Halloween isn't quite the holiday here (actually not at all) that it is in the U.S. Too bad, kids love Halloween. The Swiss kids would too, but so deprived they are. Oh well.

We're celebrating the holiday as best we can. Today Payton's school had their Halloween party. Payton went dressed as Spider-man. He has another event to attend this Sunday. The NIC (Neuchâtel International Club) is having a Halloween hunt for the little ones.

Just in case we get a few Trick or Treaters - our neighbor says we might - we bought some candy to pass out. While there is a ton of candy to choose from here, it isn't 'Halloween' candy. It is more like fancy schmancy wrapped gift box type candy.

I took these pictures of Parker today. He posed really well for me. I was talking the baby talk - goo goo da da - and he responded very well. He's in his Halloween costume. It's a hand-me-down from big brother Payton. Of course it is next to new - only worn a couple of times! It won't be his last hand-me-down.

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  1. Great pictures! Parker is SO cute, he looks like such a happy little guy. Cassie will also be wearing a hand me down Halloween bunny outfit, from her cousin Julia. I also have an awesome ladybug costume that was Erin's, but darn, it is too big. Erin is going to be a ninja girl and Ryan is going to be a commando. Good times!


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