Sunday, December 7, 2008

Finally - in Cincy for the rest of the year

It's been a while since I have posted. It isn't any fun being without an internet connection. I think I am somewhat addicted. The internet has become something akin to a utility, no different than electricity, gas or water. I want it. I gotta' have it. We acquired a DSL connection for the time we will be home. With this we can watch TV via a SlingBox (thanks Andy and Janet). We also got SlingMedia's new SlingCatcher so we can actually watch TV on our TV instead of using our laptops. Man oh man our couch is so much more comfortable than an office chair.

Anyway, we have been in-country for a couple of weeks now. We arrived and two days later we drive down to Hilton Head Island to share Thanksgiving with the Dolan clan. Payton got to play with all of his cousins - all nine of them. Well he couldn't exactly play with Cassidy. She's only 3 weeks older than Parker, but she was cute to look at.

Since getting back home from Hilton Head I have made a quick trip to Kansas City. It is a 10+ hour drive from Cincy so I went by myself. I am back home from that now.

Now we can settle in our 'big house' and enjoy the Christmas holidays. Nope, not exactly. Our neighbors had some remodeling done on their house and we were particularly fond of the boxed ceiling trim work they had done in the family room. We have contracted to have the same ceiling installed in our house. We are also having some additional trim work done while we're at it. So instead of settling in, putting up Christmas decoration and other things like that we will be moving furniture around making room for carpenters and painters. The work is scheduled to begin tomorrow and be finished in two weeks. I'll have to be sure and take some before and after pictures.

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  1. That is funny that you get back to the States and you begin house stuff right away. It sounds like it will be nice! We miss you over here. Have Fun!


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