Friday, May 1, 2009

The boys and I went to Bern today

Payton didn't have school today as it was Labour Day in the Canton of Neuchâtel. So the three of us boys took the train to Bern for lunch and to get out and walk around.
Here we are waiting for the train at the Corcelles-Peseux station.
On the train to Bern.

We had lunch at an 'American food' restaurant called Papa Joe's. I don't think it has anything to do with the Papa Joe's we are familiar with.
I tried the the BBQ ribs and they weren't to bad. They weren't Texas Roadhouse great, but were okay. Their french fries weren't very good. On the table was not one, but two bottles of ketchup. My gosh, all the ketchup I want for my fries. This is just McUnbelievable in Switzerland. McDonald's (Burger King too) charges 20¢ for each packet of ketchup. That price makes each of these bottles cost about 8 or 9 bucks.
Payton had chicken and chips.

After lunch we walked around and came to a plaza that was being setup for evening entertainment. There was a cool thing-a-ma-jig there for the kids to play with. I don't know what you call this thing but it was neat. I guess you could call it a giant marble run. The balls are about the size of croquet balls. Around this thing were stations that the kids operated to move the balls up so they could roll back down the rails. Payton really had fun playing with this thing.

We were in Bern about 3 hours and that was enough. We headed back to the bahnhof to catch the train home.

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  1. Heinz "hot" ketchup?? Is that a Switzerland thing? Yum - I'll have to look for that in the States!


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