Saturday, May 16, 2009

Parker got wheels today

We got Parker a set of wheels today. It is time to get him ready for his walking bike. He has some inches to grow before then. This 4-wheeler will teach him how to propel himself. In his stocking feet he just reaches the ground. He should be fine in his tennis shoes. We have tile floors here and we have heard plenty of thuds so we decided to put a helmet on him. He is very likely to fall off this thing. The helmet should cushion the blow.

No sooner than I got done with this post I heard "PARKER!" Kathleen caught him with a mouth full of crayon. Have you ever seen a crayon do this? Turns out it wasn't the crayon that did this, it was its wrapper. We couldn't tell what the wrapper said so we assumed it wasn't a Crayola brand crayon. Kathleen pitched all the non-Crayola crayons after this.
P.S.: Little Parker's tongue was blue purple for days - like a Chow dog.

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