Sunday, May 3, 2009


Payton and I went to see a small circus troop in Neuchâtel today and it was really very good and a whole lot of fun.

The venue was small and cozy. I'd guess the tent able to seat about 350. We splurged and got the front row center seats. (Bob Uecker was supposed to sit next to us but he had a last minute change of plans.) Doing this made the show a little more special. While everybody else sat in plastic chairs, Payton and I (and seven other people) enjoyed the show sitting on comfy couches with pillow backs.

There was a little bit of everything is the 2 hour show. Payton laughed and laughed at the clowns. They were pretty funny. Their look wasn't what you might expect. It's them in the pictures - a man and a woman. They seemed to have the biggest part in the show. I am very glad to have been able to take Payton to see this. He'll remember this show for some time to come.

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