Monday, July 13, 2009

Back in from the USSR USA!

We are home after a long flight to and from the USA. We have spent the last week and a half back at the 'big house'. It was a business trip for Kathleen and pleasure for me and da boys. Kathleen was great to me. She let me sit in her business class seat while she sat in coach with the boys.

We didn't do a whole lot back home. We reconnected with our neighbors and some friends. We didn't get out much and didn't see everybody. We brought back a most important piece of electronic equipment. We had to get a new SlingCatcher. Our other one shot craps. We also did some demo work in our basement. We took up all the carpet and tore out the kitchen. We felt it time to upgrade the basement. When we return later in the year we will install a laminate floor in most of the basement. The one bedroom will have carpet.

Anyway it is good to be home. We now have to acclimate ourselves back to the CET time zone.

BTW - Parker has six teeth now. He also has his own mini walking bike. He is tall enough to ride it, but doesn't know how yet. He will learn soon enough and will be riding bikes with his big brother!

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  1. Cassidy now has six teeth too - woo hoo! I have given your blog a Keepsake Award ...check it out here


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