Friday, July 24, 2009

Return to Saut du Doubs

Grandma and Grandpa Dolan are visiting us for a couple of weeks. They arrived Wednesday and we've spent most of our time so far around the house while they acclimate themselves to the time change.

Today we ventured out to a local waterfall - Saut du Doubs. This is a cool thing to see - even a second time for the likes of Swiss Family Taylor. We took a leisurely boat ride from the lake upstream to a point not far from the falls. It sure was easier than hiking there. Instead of viewing the falls from the Swiss side, we trekked over to the French side. The view from there is much better. Not only can you walk out to above the falls edge, you can also go up high for a great view facing the falls. The picture left is from this view.

We missed our boat ride back. No big deal though, we just caught the next one. We did have 50 minutes on our hands to kill and that was spent at one of the several restaurants near the falls. The place is quite the tourist attraction.

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