Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Miscellaneous pictures from back home

We didn't take many pictures while back at the 'big house'. Here are some of the better ones.
Let's see... 1) We have Payton in his Bumblebee costume. He loves his costumes. 2) Kaylee (our neighbor) holding Parker. 3) The neighborhood grillmeister Steve. 4) Payton at his friend Nathon's house. 5) Parker standing. 6) Parker smiling. 7) Payton and Parker in their pirate boat swing. 8) Parker going for a bike ride with Mama Mi. 9) Payton and his friends Nathon and Mike after eating the best pizza in Cincinnati (Dewey's). 10) Payton soaked to the bone after running through Steve's sprinklers. 11) Parker standing - told you so. 12) Parker being a chow hound. The little boy can and wants to eat!

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