Saturday, December 26, 2009

Arrived in Paris today

Today the TGV zoomed us to Paris. The purpose of our trip was to see the European Tour of Walking With Dinosaurs. Besides seeing the show we'll stay a few days and check out a few sites too.

We checked into our hotel around 3 PM. We stayed in the Neuilly-sur-Sienne area in the northeast of Paris. There wasn't much daylight left so our plan for the day was to go see Full-screenRépliques de la Statue de la Liberté (replica of the Statue of Liberty). It is located on the man-made island of Île des Cygnes (Isle of the Swans) in the River Siene. It faces west towards Lady Liberty in New York. Since it is at the end of the island and facing westerly, you have to be on (or in) the river to see it real well. Otherwise you are at its base looking straight up at it. Still, it was pretty cool to see.

By now it was dark. It was cold, but warmer by about 5° than Switzerland - maybe the upper 30s. We went under again to take the Metro home. Our hotel isn't right next to a Metro station. Instead it is surrounded by 3 stations, but each is a short walk. After getting off the Metro and before walking home we stopped for dinner.

We ate at Le restaurant de l'Entrecôte. Kathleen had eaten here on a business trip to Paris a few months ago. No menu. All they served was sliced up steak and french fries; though you could choose between medium and well done. We got there before they were open for dinner - a little before seven. By the time we got in and seated Parker was turning into a wild animal. Nothing we did was settling him. By the time dinner was served his transformation was complete. He was screaming and squirming so much we had to lock him down in his stroller. He wouldn't drink milk. He threw french fries on the floor. I gave him a piece of steak and he started chowin' down. The boy likes steak! We were happy he quieted down and I'm sure the other guests were too - especially the people sitting next to us. He just kept eating steak and refusing anything but steak. He must have eaten 3 or 4 oz. It started out rough, but we were able to finish dinner in peace.

With dinner over we walked home to our hotel. We had put some miles on our dogs and we were pretty tired. We went to bed anticipating tomorrow and the big show.

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