Monday, December 28, 2009

Science museum

We went to the Science Museum today. The part we visited was much like the kids section in Cincy; in some ways better and in some ways not. Since it is a busy place the ticket price was a time frame rather than unlimited admittance. Parker's favorite part was the water section and Payton's was the construction zone.Our developing pattern was staying up late and sleeping in. We got to the museum mid-day and after we were done it was nap time - for all of us. We headed back to the hotel to rest before heading out again later in the evening.

We walked to and under the Arc de Triomphe but didn't go in it. The ticket line was long. Though our weather was nice it was still cold after dark. It would have been cold topside so we decided to try the Arc again tomorrow. Instead we continued walking down Champs-Elysées.

Avenue des Champs-Elysées between the Arc de Triomphe and Franklin D. Roosevelt is a shopping mecca. It's 8 lanes of heavy traffic flanked on each side with very wide sidewalks. It's a showcase of who is who in retailing. You quickly see why the movies portray people going shopping in Paris.At the lower part of the avenue it is flanked by parks and greenways. Here they had booths setup selling Christmas trinkets, souvenirs, food and drink - a real Christmas bizarre. Payton and I rode a roller coaster, but at the end we didn't ride the ferris wheel.By now Kathleen was getting cold, Payton was doing okay with his Nutella covered waffle and Parker was snug as a bug in a rug sitting in his fleece lined cocoon. I was cool but my flannel lined jeans kept me pretty warm. Our night was done and we headed underground once again to take the Metro home.

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