Sunday, December 27, 2009

Walking with Dinosaurs

I woke up late in the morning today. So late that the family had already been to breakfast. I was tired from yesterday. We were all rested and ready to see some dinosaurs. We headed for the Metro.

Today at 3 o'clock we had tickets for the Walking with Dinosaurs show. We had bought tickets online months ago when we saw a TV commercial for it. We thought Payton would really like seeing it and us too. We purchased 'best seats available' and we got row 24 tickets. We found our section and started walking down the stairs, down, down, down until we were at what I would call row 1. Row 24 was the first row. Holly cow we got the Bob Uecher seats down on the front row!

Man this show was great. I couldn't understand a word of it - it being in French, but you could tell what the show was about. The dinosaurs where all life size and very, very life like. It was so cool. We wondered if Parker would get scared, but he sat and watched wide eyed too. All the dinosaurs were great, but good ol' T-Rex took the cake. This show has been in various cities in the USA for a couple of years and will be into 2011. If this show comes your way, do go see it. It is amazing.

After the show it was back on the Metro and we headed for the Opera area where we had dinner. Where you may wonder? Why at Pizza Hut. And it was pretty good. The pan pizza crust was just as good as in the USA. Parker slept almost through dinner, but woke in time to eat what we saved for him. After dinner we walked towards the Louvre (stopping at a Starbucks) and then walked up the Avenue des Champs-Elysées. There was lots to see; lights in all the trees, a huge ferris wheel, a Christmas bizarre. Tomorrow we are off to the Science museum and on the way home we'll go back to Champs-Elysées area and partake in a thing or two. One thing on the agenda is taking in the view from atop the Arc de Triomphe.

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