Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday in the Park

We were supposed to get some sun today - finally - so we headed down to the lake to a new park for Payton. It's a really nice park with great playground stuff, a large grass field for running and playing football (soccer) and there is a beach for swimming in the lake. We got there at noon. It was gray, but fairly warm. We expected more people, but we were nearly alone. As we had hoped the weather turned, the sun came out, the temperature went up, and it seemed like the people came out of the bushes.

The main attraction in the playground was the boat. A typical structure to climb up and on, slide down from and so forth. It was pretty cool and Payton liked it a lot. We swung on the swings. We did a little teeter-tottering. Payton needs to gain some serious weight if he doesn't want to hang with me. We played a little football. Payton took a ball in the face from one of my kicks, but he just laughed it off. We thought for sure he need a bunch of healing kisses. Nature called and the bathrooms were closed, so Payton got to pee in the bushes again.

At the park is also a race track. It has electric cars and motorcycles the kids can ride around a closed course. Payton put in many laps on the track. At first he drove like a drunken sailer, but after a few laps he just drove like a, well a 3 year old. He did good. While he raced around the track Kathleen and I had ice cream.

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